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EF @ ESOMAR Congress 2019

The ESOMAR Foundation is incredibly excited to see you at ESOMAR Congress. The ESOMAR Congress has been at the forefront of showcasing data, research, and insight innovation for over 70 years, and 2019 is no exception. So that you know what Foundation activities are going on during the Congress, here is a list of the things we have prepared.

This year, the ESOMAR Foundation is organizing an exciting fundraising charity bicycle ride in the surroundings of  Edinburgh. This inaugural fundraising charity bike ride is an activity where charitable fundraising, sporting excellence and healthy living are combined to create a unique experience for everyone involved. Sign up and use your pedal power to cycle and help fundraise for impacting the life of three market research hopefuls!

The same as last year, ESOMAR Foundation has dedicated an entire session in the programme. The winners of the second edition of our Making a Difference Competition will take to the stage to showcase how the best of research has made a significant difference to Not-For-Profits. On Tuesday 10 September, you’re invited to the Amplifier stage to listen these stories.

Also on Tuesday, the Foundation will host a special seminar dedicated to all the charities and NGOs that would like to get introduced to our industry. If you are interested to learn more, download the Research-for-Charities Brochure and share it with your Not-for-profit contacts.

The ESOMAR Foundation President and board members will be there too, so do not hesitate to reach out to learn more about the work and plans for the future.

Looking forward to seeing you in Edinburgh!

The ESOMAR Foundation team

A feel-good story

At the end of 2018, ESOMAR Foundation and the ESOMAR staff were involved in one memorable Charitable activity. Throughout the month of December, we have managed to collect at our office in Amsterdam clothes, accessories, toys and other goods for adults and children in need.

Joining hands with the local organisation Surf the Earth Project – STEP, we had reached several remote rural communities in Bacau county, Moldova region of Romania. Together, we managed to offer a Christmas present to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds (social, economic, geographic). 330 kilos of goods, accessories, and clothes traveled from Amsterdam to Romania and were added to the collection of the local campaign.

A total of 700 bags and backpacks equipped with school supplies were offered to school children in 8 villages from 2 counties of Nord-East Romania (Bacau, Vaslui). The campaign exceeded the initial expectations with the help received from the ESOMAR Foundation.

Please take some time and enjoy this selection of photos which were taken during the first day of Christmas when the children received their presents.

not easy to get there

The ESOMAR Foundation would like to thank the ESOMAR staff and everyone that took part in this lovely activity. We would like to extend our best wishes to all our beneficiaries, partners and supporters.

In the year ahead, we are looking forward to working with you to make the world a better place!



We have recently announced the winners of the ESOMAR Foundation “Making a Difference” Competition which highlights and promotes how research has made a real difference to Not-for-Profits.

We have opened a fundraising campaign to support and reward the winners of the Competition, namely, the organizations on the ground who were able to achieve their goal through insightful and robust market research.

Currently, many Not-For-Profits see research only in terms of population-level facts and figures on poverty, sanitation, medicine, education etc. They are mostly unaware of the immense value that great qualitative, ethnographic and new research methodologies can have on improving the effectiveness of their work.

We are therefore proud to reward these three case studies as they have demonstrated that the use of insightful and robust research massively contributes to making a difference for Not-for-Profits in carrying out their programmes!

Help and reward these good causes!

Donate Our Better World


All three organisations decided to turn to market research to ensure their actions would make an impact. They were able to achieve that, and this is excellent news! It demonstrates that a better world can be built with the help and support of market research.

The winning NFP organisations will receive a donation to support their activities on the ground. We are calling for your support in donating to one or all of these good causes.

Surgo Foundation and RGMVP in India

Singapore International Foundation – Our Better World

Catholic Relief Services in Congo

Read more about how they made a difference and who they are Our Better World, Surgo Foundation & RGMVP and Catholic Relief Services!

You can actively increase the overall impact of market research in building a better world!

It’s your opportunity to get involved in ‘Making a Difference’!

Donate RGMVP


Join the ESOMAR Foundation Session

The three case studies will be presented on 25 September at an ESOMAR Foundation session which will be part of the ESOMAR Annual Congress to be held in Berlin on 23-26 September.

For more information contact us at info@esomarfoundation.org