The Better Results Programme is a cross-sector activity where we apply market research methodologies and expertise to the non-profit sector’s work.

Our Better results Programme is an innovative cross-sector activity where we explore ways to apply market research methodologies and expertise to the non-profit sector’s work to help them improve their performance through better measurement.

NGOs are facing increasing pressure from donors to better measure results and show the effectiveness and the real impact of their work. More effective ways of measuring results is necessary to help non-profit organisations and funding entities to better plan their projects, improve progress, increase impact and enhance learning.

The ESOMAR Foundation functions as a facilitator. We identify organisations and match their needs with the appropriate resources and competencies within our industry. Our goal is to help all non-profit organisations as well as other stakeholders to use the market research industry’s expertise to make their work more effective.

We work with a Panel of Experts who assess, select and evaluate each project. ESOMAR Foundation coordinates and administers projects and oversees the implementation. Types of projects can differ widely depending on the issue and the type of applicant organisation.

How can you support us?

We are open to receive applications at all times. Organisations are asked to submit a concept note that will be reviewed by our team and our panel of experts.
If you are an NGO who is interested in applying or a market researcher who would like to get involved, please contact us at

Partners & Sponsors

For some of our Better Results initiatives we work with partners and sponsors. Partners are usually companies with an interest in providing their expertise and support. Partners support our activities financially, get involved in projects, participate as a trainer to help NGOs gain skills and expertise. 

We are always on the lookout for partners and sponsors. If you are an organization looking to understand more on how you can support us, please find more information here or contact:


The latest projects in the Better Results Program.


How Market Research can help the world ‘Leave no one behind’

A not-to-be-missed session organised by the ESOMAR Foundation (Part 1)       On 12 September, the ESOMAR Foundation will participate with a full session on ‘Making the World a Better Place’ at the ESOMAR Congress 2017 in Amsterdam. Over 1,000 insight, research and data experts from all over the world… Read more

Measuring the nature and scale of violence against women in the EU

What is violence against women and why does it matter? Violence against women (VAW) is one of the most systematic and widespread human rights violations across the world. The United Nations defines violence against women as; “any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in,… Read more

Shedding Light on the Digital Grey Areas of Teen Dating Violence: Co-Creation Research

Overview In 2007  the Family Violence Prevention Fund partnered with the Ad Council and R/GA to create a campaign to prevent teen dating violence both now and as teens mature and enter adulthood.  Our initial research found that teen dating had gone digital and teen dating abuse online had followed.… Read more

A Less Charitable Cashless Society? – Tapping Into New ‘Tap To Give’ Technology

  The shift from a cash-carrying to cash-less society in the UK has been incredibly rapid, with the effects of the shift to contactless increasing in the past year – there are now over 100 million contactless cards in issue in the UK and over 350 million contactless transactions were made in December… Read more

ESOMAR Foundation attended the UN Word Data Forum (WDF) held in Cape Town, January 15-18, 2017

A review by Phyllis Macfarlane  “The Missing Millions” and “Using Data to Understand People’s Values Priorities and Desires” were the two sessions were the ESOMAR Foundation took stage!    I was very fortunate recently to represent ESOMAR Foundation and Paragon at the United Nations’ very first UN Word Data Forum… Read more

New Generation Data Solutions to Understand True Attitudes toward Global LGBTI Human Rights

Imagine if you could ask people across the whole world what they really think, and imagine that they were to answer with brutal honesty and complete anonymity, about an issue that is a criminal offense in huge swaths of the world and is highly divisive and politically charged. In 2016,… Read more

Telling: helping charities to improve their fundraising

“Our goal was to help charities to act better by listening in a different, radically open way (‘anders luisteren – beter doen’)”           Why Telling was started bij Ineke van de Ouderaa and Ferro Explore to help charities to improve their fundraising in a fundamental way… Read more

It’s all in a name: The power of case studies in inspiring action

Note: An abridged version of the ESOMAR study “Leveraging and Empowering Cambodia’s Other Half” is available here When initially conceptualizing our study, Leveraging and Empowering Cambodia’s Other Half, the need for the research was clear. What we didn’t realize at the time, however, that our selection of the research methods… Read more

Enabling a Full Life to People with a Mental Disability

How research can help to give everyone a voice   Customer centricity is the core strategy of many organisations. How can we put clients at the heart of each organisation, delivering a better, more tailored and more streamlined customer experience? Often easier said than done. Especially when your client  is… Read more

When market research helps combat extreme poverty

How international values-based surveying provides the Global Goals community with strategic knowledge and tactics for engaging new allies.   WHY On 25 September 2015, the 193 countries of the UN General Assembly convened in New York and adopted the 2030 Development Agenda. This was the beginning of the Sustainable Development… Read more