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The ESOMAR Foundation Appoints System1 Agency, London



System1 Agency London has been appointed by The ESOMAR Foundation to manage its global advertising account.

The Agency has been appointed to create a global communications campaign for the Foundation that will run later this year (2017).

The ESOMAR Foundation is the charity arm of ESOMAR, the global industry association of Market, Social and Opinion research.

The ESOMAR Foundation has been set up to explore how to use the knowledge, skills, creativity, interest and resources of researchers to help charities improve peoples lives around the world through greater human understanding.

Gunilla Broadbent, ESOMAR Foundation President said :

“Our aim is to build awareness of The ESOMAR Foundation and inspire the bright minds from the Global Research community – and the companies they work with – to get involved. System1 Agency’s evidence-based approach to creativity is exactly the approach we have been searching for”.

Rod Connors, MD at System1 Agency said:

“Our commitment to guaranteeing results for every campaign we develop means that we know we can make a significant contribution to supporting The ESOMAR Foundation’s goal of changing peoples lives for the better.

This is a very exciting moment in the history of The Foundation – and we are delighted to part of this major new initiative”.


For System1

Simon Allen

+44 7908472017

For The ESOMAR Foundation

Anna Alu

+31 20 664 2141

Background Information

System1 Agency

System1 Agency is a full service Agency that creates advertising proven to translate emotion into profitable brand growth.

Based in London, UK, System1 is part of the System1 Group – and is the world’s first Advertising Agency to guarantee its work through a unique evidence-based approach to creativity.

ESOMAR Foundation believes that a fair, just and peaceful society is deserved by all and recognises the immense promise that the research community offers to those striving to achieve these goals on a global level. We bring volunteers and resources together to execute projects and provide financial support to help and support charities and NGO’s to achieve their aims.

ESOMAR Foundation

ESOMAR Foundation believes that a fair, just and peaceful society is deserved by all and recognises the immense promise that the research community offers to those striving to achieve these goals on a global level. We bring volunteers and resources together to execute projects and provide financial support to help and support charities and NGO’s to achieve their aims.

For more information on ESOMAR Foundation, please visit


ESOMAR is the global voice of the data, research and insights community.

With more than 5000 individual and over 500 corporate members from over 130 countries, ESOMAR is a truly global association. We promote the value of market, opinion and social research and data analytics and represent more than 35,000 professionals including all those who use research for informed decision-making. We’ve been providing ethical and professional guidance and advocating on behalf of our global membership community for 70 years.

For more information on ESOMAR, please visit

Our Christmas Charity Draw is now open! Become a prize donor!

The ESOMAR Foundation is currently raising funds this festive season so as to continue our good work through various activities. This year we had a series of successful trainings and scholarships around the world and we would like to replicate and increase these activities if we have the funds to do so.

With this in mind we would like to ask you to contribute, either through a financial contribution ( how to donate using Paypal or via Bank Transfer ) or to donate an item that we can auction in our annual Christmas prize draw!

We have been overwhelmed with the generousity shown in previous editions and we can see that also this year the response is great! We already received several exciting prizes thanks to the generousity of the people and companies that believe in and support our work!

The types of items we are looking for are very varied. Examples of what has been donated in past editions: a week in a resort, a weekend in a luxury hotel, a plane ticket, an iPad, a dinner voucher … preferably it should be something that is not too heavy to ship. Other ideas we have had are anything from company products and services or even smaller items such as books or vouchers. The logos of the companies who donate to the prize draw will be on the website page and used in as many communication pieces as we can.

Will you become our next prize donor? We hope to hear from you!

If you have an idea for the charity draw and would like to discuss it, please contact us at

How Market Research can help the world ‘Leave no one behind’

A not-to-be-missed session organised by the ESOMAR Foundation (Part 1)




On 12 September, the ESOMAR Foundation will participate with a full session on ‘Making the World a Better Place’ at the ESOMAR Congress 2017 in Amsterdam. Over 1,000 insight, research and data experts from all over the world will gather in Amsterdam to discuss business and societal issues and how creativity, innovation and insights can influence decision making.

The ESOMAR Foundation will take stage with a key topic that promises hope and raises important issues on “How Market Research can help the world ‘Leave no one behind’ *

*“This is the people’s agenda, a plan of action for ending poverty in all its dimensions, irreversibly, everywhere, and leaving no one behind,” said Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, at the launch of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

It’s 2030 and the world is celebrating the achievement of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals:

The Market Research Community is justly proud of the very valuable contribution it has made to the achievement of those Global Goals – particularly to the ‘Leave no one behind’ directive – and is hosting a huge party for all those involved, since the work, and its effect on the achievement of the Global Goals, has transformed the image of the industry in the last decade, demonstrating the relevance of real MR to both the Data Revolution and the CSR agenda. Graduates now clamour to join the industry, which is seen as innovative, forward looking and socially responsible

This session will be a ‘call to action’ both to our experts and our young researchers. Case studies will set the scene and a panel discussion will focus on:

• What can the MR Industry do to achieve this vision?
• How can we better use the data we already have and the surveys we do?
• How can we promote and demonstrate the value of Qualitative and Ethnographic data to Donors and Policy Makers?
• How can we mobilise our experts and energetic young researchers?
• How can we really make a difference?

Gunilla Broadbent, ESOMAR Foundation President and Phyllis Macfarlane, ESOMAR Foundation Treasurer, will lead the programme. Speakers and panelists representing different stakeholders (organisations, NGOs and research agencies) will animate what it promises to be a not-to-be-missed session in Amsterdam.

This is a unique opportunity for the ESOMAR Foundation to take an active part in the 70th anniversary ESOMAR Congress. Watch this space for more news on the programme. For more information contact us at:


Third scholarship awarded in Guatemala

The ESOMAR Foundation is pleased to announce the awarding of a scholarship to Maria Paola Loy Villagran, a young student at the Master’s Degree in Marketing at Universidad Rafael Landívar, Guatemala.

This initiative falls within the scope of the ESOMAR Foundation’s education program whose purpose is to give financial support to individual students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds with an interest in pursuing a career in market research. The scholarship has been awarded after a careful evaluation of the motivational and socio-economic background of the applicants from an independent jury composed of experts from the market research industry.

The ESOMAR Foundation is happy to support Maria Paola in her studies and hopes that this scholarship will make a difference her life and her career efforts.


The beneficiary  – Maria Paola Loy Villagran



 “I am very grateful and blessed for having this new opportunity to continue with my Master studies. I will do my best to become a better professional. Thank you ESOMAR Foundation, for making my dreams come true”

Maria Paola is a student at the Master’s Degree in Marketing at Universidad Rafael Landívar in Guatemala.


Maria Paola has several aspirations . The first one is, never stop growing in the professional field of marketing, keep learning, searching for new trends to stay up dated, in order to understand her customers, learn about their needs and help to implement either at work or in her own company the best strategy to increase sales.

In financial terms, she would like to earn enough to reach a stage where she can start her own business without feeling any financial pressures so that she can simply concentrate on her work, do what she loves and give a comfortable life to her mom in the future.

In personal terms, being flexible and adaptable to changing conditions in her life. By just getting through each day, one day at a time and fighting for her dreams. Living each experience of her life like it is the last one. And hopefully help others in her country to succeed and grow.


How you can support Maria Paola

If you wish to support Maria Paola and be the donor of this scholarship, we would be happy to connect and provide you more information. Please contact:

How you can support in your country

If you are a market researcher, a national market research association, an NGO involved in research or a university interested in a scholarship in your country please contact us at

Partners & Sponsors

We are always on the lookout for partners and sponsors. If you are an organisation looking to understand more on how you can support us, please find more information here or contact: 



ESOMAR Foundation attended the UN Word Data Forum (WDF) held in Cape Town, January 15-18, 2017

A review by Phyllis Macfarlane

 “The Missing Millions” and “Using Data to Understand People’s Values Priorities and Desires” were the two sessions were the ESOMAR Foundation took stage! 


I was very fortunate recently to represent ESOMAR Foundation and Paragon at the United Nations’ very first UN Word Data Forum (WDF) which was held in Cape Town in January.

So what is the WDF? Here’s the official version: Following one of the main recommendations contained in the report entitled “A World That Counts” , presented in November 2014 by the United Nations Secretary-General’s Independent Expert and Advisory Group on Data Revolution for Sustainable Development, the Statistical Commission agreed that a United Nations World Data Forum on Sustainable Development Data (UN World Data Forum) would be the suitable platform for intensifying cooperation with various professional groups, such as information technology, geospatial information managers, data scientists, and users, as well as civil society stakeholders.

So, basically it was a very big (enormous, in fact!) conference, attended by practically all the world’s National Statistical Offices, plus everyone else who is interested in the world achieving the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, with the objective of getting everyone to collaborate and cooperate better, in order to achieve the goals.

 Let me set the scene for you…

  • There were 1500 + delegates, all extremely diverse in terms of nationality and job profiles (and gender!)
  • It was held in the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC – sorry for the number of acronyms in this post!) – which had an ‘enormous’ auditorium for Plenary sessions
  • There were lots of very senior and illustrious attendees from the UN, and from every National Statistical Office (NSO) in the world.
  • The NSO’s were probably the most numerous amongst the delegates
  • The NSO’s in general are rather anxious about the measurement demands of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s): 17 goals, 169 targets, 230 indicators. ie 4x the work compared with  the old Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)! –  but with no sign of increased budgets. As you can imagine – this led to a lot of discussion about capacity building.
  • The very major theme from the UN was that the NSO’s can’t do this alonecollaboration and partnership were the key words which were repeated over and over again – the NSO’s  need help from NGO’s, Civil Society and the Private sector (ie people like us!). But they are clearly rather frightened of this prospect, not having a lot of experience of collaboration with the outside world – and perhaps a little sceptical as well?
  • There was an awful lot of talk of the ‘Data Revolution’: Government has so much data now – it can be used for good – to serve the people.
  • In general there was huge optimism from the senior UN and major country Statisticians about SDG’s: getting rid of inequality, using data for the public good – that there is a way forward, but they recognise that it will mean change – for the NSO’s, for everyone.

What was the Conference all about?

It was a 3 day conference, and each day there were 2-3 Plenary sessions, plus 3-4 parallel sessions of 6 separate themes or streams (so each separate stream session was attended by 100-200 delegates!)

The six pre-defined nominated themes or workstreams were as follows:

  • New approaches to capacity development for better data
  • Innovation and synergies across different data ecosystems
  • Leaving no one behind
  • Understanding the world through data
  • Data principles and governance
  • The way forward: A Global Action Plan for Data

And of course there was lots of networking, and an extremely lively conference dinner!

What did we actually do there?

Representing ESOMAR Foundation and Paragon, I took part in 2 Panel sessions – one in the ‘Leaving no-one behind’ stream – which is a general call to action from the UN to help the poorest everywhere. We did a session on ‘The Missing Millions’, where we discussed how we could measure these difficult populations (eg Street children, the homeless, people living in institutions, people displaced by conflict etc etc – not an easy task!) and further understand how to help them through real research to fully understand their situation. Our audience here was mainly NSO’s and they were rather sceptical about: How were we actually going to do it ie quantify the populations? Was there political will to do it? And where was the funding going to come from?  All excellent questions – we had a good and lively debate!

And the second panel that I participated in was in the ‘Understanding the World through Data’ workstream  – we conducted a session entitled ‘Using Data to Understand People’s Values Priorities and Desires’. Basically we were arguing for attitudinal and qualitative data to  understand how to guide more effective actions. Actions which take account of what the actual people think. After all we have very appropriate skills to apply!  Here our audience was mostly NGO’s and Civil Society, and they were very supportive and enthusiastic about the arguments – so we had another excellent debate!

Altogether, every session I went to was interesting, informative and full of passion.

 The messages I heard most consistently throughout the 3 days were:

  • A reluctance to move away from ‘hard’ statistics on the part of NSO’s (and the UN Statisticians – note that only a handful of the indicators are perception based)
  • A recognition that the NSO’s must innovate and modernise
  • That data quality is very important
  • Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration – ‘we can’t do it by ourselves’ – so collaboration is being proposed to the NSO’s as the only way that the goals will be achieved
  • Coordination – to share ideas and avoid proliferation of work
  • Open-ness: sharing of ideas and experience, partnerships, dissemination of data for SDG’s. Government data is public property.
  • Dis-aggregation: a new realisation that data is only really useful if it can be disaggregated eg by gender, region, income level. (Data must be accurate, timely, disaggregated)

All very realistic and thought provoking ideas.


Every session I went to – whether it was about Data Journalism, geo-mapping, whatever – was extremely interesting. Everyone was passionate, enthusiastic and innovative.

But after all, if you are with 1500+ people who all want the world to be a better place – you are going to be inspired!

And I certainly was. The issue is to engage with this audience and get our voice, as market researchers, heard.

I came away having made contact with people that I had only spoken on the phone to before, with lots of new contacts, and many ideas for projects to start us to have a bigger impact.

Watch this space!!!

Phyllis Macfarlane is a Member of the Board and Treasurer of the ESOMAR Foundation

ESOMAR Foundation to participate in the first UN WorldData Forum


On 15-18 January, Phyllis Macfarlane will participate in the first UN WorldData Forum in Cape Town on behalf of the ESOMAR Foundation.

Over 1,000 data experts from national statistical offices, the private sector, international organizations, the scientific and academic communities, civil society organizations, as well as political leaders and sustainable development advocates will participate.

What do the organisers expect from the first UN World Data Forum?

Better data is needed to inform policy decisions on a local and global level, to raise awareness amongst the public and the media, and to track progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. At this first UN World Data Forum, a number of outcomes are expected, including: • Launch of a Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development Data; • Increased political and resource support for statistical capacity building; • Progress on initiatives and solutions to harness the power of data for the public good and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda; • Growing consensus on strategies to address data governance and other policy issues.

The ESOMAR Foundation role at the UN WorldData Forum

The ESOMAR Foundation – represented by Phyllis Macfarlane – will participate in two panel sessions:


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a promise of inclusion for those who have been left behind by international development. However, many vulnerable groups are under-represented in data collection efforts and, therefore, are for all practical purposes invisible to their governments and other development partners seeking to allocate resources and monitor progress against the SDGs.

Filling this data gap is crucial to fulfill the 2030 promise for all.  Data collaboratives – partnerships that cut across public, private, and civil society sectors – are an opportunity to marshal resources and innovate new approaches to put a critical spotlight on marginalized populations and ensure that they are indeed “counted” in efforts to make progress against the SDGs.

This session is for anyone interested in sharing insights and lessons learned on how to mobilize data collaboratives to support government, civil society, and private sector actors in their efforts to ensure no one is left behind.

Using data to understand people’s values, priorities and desires

Perception Data is increasingly recognized as a valuable input into analysis and policy making. The ‘MY World’ survey influenced the outcome of the SDG negotiations, demonstrating clearly how central ‘honest and responsive governance’ is to people’s desire for a better world. Governments around the world are investing in surveys to understand what their citizens want and need.

This session will bring together people and organisations with different perspectives to discuss how understanding people’s values, priorities and desires through data can lead to better policy and better outcomes.

This is a unique opportunity for the ESOMAR Foundation to take an active part in the sessions of this first UN WorldData Forum. We are eagerly looking forward to hearing back from Phyllis on her return from Cape Town.

Read More on the UN WorldData Forum


Prize Draw – winners announced!

Wow, what a year! We have been hard at work helping the research industry contribute to making the world a better place. Without your support we are unable to achieve any of our aims so a HUGE thank you to all of you who bought tickets and donated prizes. Now the big news…..the winners

  • $100,000 pro bono media campaign across the AOL Network for the winner’s charity of choice and sponsored by AOL! Won by Jorge Frech from MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean in Honduras
  • 7 night stay for a couple in the Pineland Resort in Lebanon sponsored by ARA. Won by Dan Foreman from Hatted in the UK
  • 10 seats at the De Beers boxes at the Royal Albert Hall in London for the AMALUNA show and sponsored by De Beers. Won by Elena Mosicheva from MarketSense in Russia
  • Weekend in Moscow at the Metropol Moscow Hotel sponsored by OMI. Won by Stefan Petersson from Inizio in Sweden
  • 3 bottles of whiskey: 1 Jack Daniels – Gentleman Jack; 1 Jack Daniels – Single Barrel Select; 1 Jack Daniels sponsored by Brown-Forman. Also won by Dan Foreman from Hatted in UK
  • Amazon voucher for €100 sponsored by the MRS. Won by the team at Q Agentur für Forschung in Germany
  • iPad Pro sponsored by Motivaction. Won by Maya Middlemiss from Saros Research in the UK
  • A surprising experience for a total cost of US$ 200 sponsored by MESH. Also won by the team at Q Agentur für Forschung in Germany
  • MRII training course toward the Principles of Mobile Market Research sponsored by the MRII. Also won by Stefan Petersson from Inizio in Sweden
  • An Indian traditional jacket sponsored by KREA. Won by BV Pradeep from Unilever in the UK
  • A ticket for ESOMAR 70th Anniversary Annual Congress to be held in Amsterdam on 10-13 September 2017. Won by Anna Thomas a consultant in Cyprus.

We wish all of our donors, winners, prize draw entrants and everyone reading this message the most fantastic festive season and an incredible 2017!

The ESOMAR Foundation charity prize draw is now open!

The ESOMAR Foundation has launched its charity prize draw!

For the second consecutive year, we are holding a charity prize draw to increase funds for the execution of our activities. In particular, by buying tickets you will help us reach our goal of setting up training, scholarships and help researchers in need in 2017.

It’s only August but we have already received a lot of interesting prizes from our sponsors including holidays in exclusive resorts, tickets for exhibitions, restaurant vouchers, iPad, and much more!

You can support us by buying tickets or sponsoring the charity prize draw providing us with interesting prizes for our supporters.

Visit our dedicated webpage and support the ESOMAR Foundation!

If you have questions don’t hesitate in contacting us at: