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ESOMAR Foundation is a charitable Foundation representing the Market, Social and Opinion Research industry. Our goal is to use the skills and knowledge of the industry to do social good. Our industry has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be applied to every aspect of society to ensure a more transparent, reliable and sustainable world. The ESOMAR Foundation is the charity arm of ESOMAR, the global industry association of market, social and opinion research.

“I do feel sorry for the students being excluded for their inability to pay school fees”

This is the fourth blog-post from Nicolin Mamuya, the first ESOMAR Foundation scholarship in South Africa. It’s the final term of … Read more

The Impact of Social Research: a review on the workshop

Researchers – and research buyers – want their research to be impactful. NGO’s and donors want to create programs that … Read more


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ESOMAR Foundation, MRSA and WIRe offer a scholarship to a woman in Kenya!

The ESOMAR Foundation in co-operation with MSRA (Kenyan Marketing and Social Research Association) with the generous support of Women In … Read more

Success is not final and failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts…

This is the third blog-post from Nicolin Mamuya, the first ESOMAR Foundation scholarship in South Africa. 08 July, 2016 I … Read more

Outcomes and reflections from training young entrepreneurs and NGOs in Rwanda

Phyllis Macfarlane and Will Goodhand have been involved to the ESOMAR Foundation training in Rwanda that was held in Kigali from … Read more

WORKSHOP – The impact of social research

ESOMAR Foundation strives for Better Results! New Orleans, 18 September 2016…join us! Social research (including opinion and political research) accounts … Read more

The ESOMAR Foundation charity prize draw is now open!

The ESOMAR Foundation has launched its charity prize draw! For the second consecutive year, we are holding a charity prize … Read more

People or Profits – Why not both?

How volunteering can improve your business and community, a research by Beth Pearson, co-founder of B2B market research company Circle Research.  … Read more

Bringing the invisible to light: Researching the hard-to-reach homosexual community in India

This complex study both in terms of the design and operationalizing was executed by a team of researchers at IMRB … Read more

How to deal with hard to survey populations

Some populations are hard to survey because they are hard to find, others because they are hard to sample and … Read more

“Help the next person in the hope that they also assist others”

This is the second blog-post from Nicolin Mamuya, the first ESOMAR Foundation scholarship in South Africa. June 22, 2016 We … Read more

How market research can help NGOs to measure and engage the audience

There were several issues that supported the need for research by Venezuela’s second most important TV channel in terms of … Read more

How Mobile Phones Gathered Vital Food Security Data in the Democratic Republic of Congo

DataIn 2013, the World Food Programme was faced with a challenge when conflict broke out in the North Kivu region … Read more

The ESOMAR Foundation and the Paragon Partnership

Phyllis MacFarlane – Treasurer of the ESOMAR Foundation, speaks about her experience between the ESOMAR Foundation and the Paragon Partnership. … Read more

Training Young Entrepreneurs and NGO’s in Rwanda!

Our next Training Workshop will be held in Kigali, Rwanda, July 25-29th , and brings together two of our passions … Read more